Reasons To Exist.

The Club was originally formed to provide commemorative items for just 39 members. Each of these Founding Members contributed to the form of the club, its criteria for membership and the original membership package.

It became apparent that each qualifier had completed "the lot" in slightly different ways, for varied reasons and within no specific timescale. Each Member had gained considerable pleasure from their travels and matches attended, each with the common aim of completing visits to each ground in the then four divisions of the Football League. The membership was effectively an unofficial "supporters club" of the Football League and supported each club in the League by attending a competitive first-team fixture at their respective ground, as in the previous case of Q.P.R. at the White City during the season 1962/3.

The Club has therefore become a group of individual fans, whose common interest is the support of the clubs who at any point in time constitute the four divisions of football in England and Wales. There have been numerous misunderstandings in the past regarding qualification, for instance it is NOT a club for fans who have followed one team to 92 different grounds (even if some of them now play outside the league). From 1st October 2012, once a visit has been made to a League club that has been subsequently relegated from the lowest division and then promoted back to the League then there is no requirement to revisit that club unless it has moved to a new stadium.

The Club exists to support each member club in the four divisions during their present period in the League and at the current ground at which they play. On the day the "92nd" ground is visited, the qualifier must have visited the current grounds of the other 91 clubs in the League at that time. In recognition of this achievement, the qualifier may then claim to become a Member of an exclusive club of football supporters who follow League soccer and wear their 92 Club insignia with pride knowing that in over 30 years less than 1500 other fans have "done the lot".

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