Honorary Members.

From the early days, the Club realised that several "professionals" within the game had probably qualified, but it was essential that should any Honorary Memberships be offered then they should only be to those within the game who could be proved to have qualified under the same conditions as existing Members.

We have been able to offer Honorary Memberships to :-

Alan Durban
Player, Shrewsbury
31 January 1976
Vale Park, Port Vale v Shrewsbury
Duncan Forbes
Player, Norwich City
29 August 1981
Millmoor, Rotherham v Norwich
the late Eric Northover
28 September 1985
Plough Lane, Wimbledon
Jim Smith
8 April 1986
Hillsborough, Sheffield Wednesday
Gilbert Napthine
4 May 1987
St. James' Park, Newcastle
Alan Smith
5 October 1985
St. Andrews, Birmingham City
the late Hal Mason
Programme Editor
28 February 1959
Racecourse Ground, Wrexham

The club has continued to search for others, especially players, and any nominations should be sent to the contact together with your research findings.

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