Qualification Details

Membership is only open to supporters who have already attended a first-team competitive fixture played at the current ground of each of the ninety-two clubs of the Premier League, Championship, League 1 and League 2 during those clubs' current period of membership of the League (i.e. since their promotion from the Conference regardless of previous League membership). To qualify, on the day your 92nd ground is visited, you must have visited the current grounds of the other 91 League clubs.

During the last few seasons, there has been some confusion regarding both valid games and grounds. It must be appreciated that this club did compile general guidelines when first formed in June 1978, but as time has passed these have required clarification as competitons, grounds and the League itself has changed. We have never refused any application in which the applicant has genuinely visited every ground even if some of the submitted details were incomplete. However, if it is clear that the "claimed visits" have not been completed "within our rules" then the application has been refused.

(1) Qualifiers are expected to complete their record in full, prior to acceptance. However, the absence of score or attendance details for each match will not necessarily invalidate the application.

(2) Any recognised competition normally entered by Football/Premier League Clubs at first-team level may be included. Friendly matches do not count.

(3) Rule deleted 1 October 2012 after a poll of members. 127 votes for removal, 14 for retention and 4 abstentions. Only matches played on or after the start of any club's present period within the League can be included.

(4) Other First Team matches played at grounds listed also qualify. If the ground is used as a neutral ground, eg an F.A. Cup semi-final, than that counts as a visit to that ground's home club. This includes "home" matches played by Bradford City and Bristol Rovers whilst their own grounds were closed due to fire damage.

(5) In the case of clubs moving grounds, either the original ground or the new ground can be counted during the first two seasons following the move. Once the club has played at the new ground for two seasons then the original ground becomes invalid and thereafter only the new ground can be counted within the 92.

(6) World Cup, International and Inter-League matches count.

(7) Visits to grounds of teams now competing outside the Football League are only valid if all other 91 members' home grounds had been visited up to the time the now non-League Club left the League.

(8) Rule deleted 1 October 2012. If any club leaves the League, visits up to that date do not count, even if they are subsequently re-elected.

(9) Any other grounds which come into use after the member's original qualification date will, once visited, count as that member's ground number 93, 94 etc..

(10) Any other matches seen will be considered if full details are submitted with your application.

To avoid any confusion, each season the club compiles a full list of valid and invalid grounds together with relevant dates to assist potential members in meeting these criteria. This list is available after September 1st each year by sending a stamped and addressed envelope to the point of contact.

To support your application, you will be expected to supply a simple list of 92 different matches in alphabetical order of home club to include date, teams, competition, score and attendance which will be returned after examination together with our Application Forms. For anyone who has maintained a list of visits from the "Doing the 92" website then this list will also suffice. It is appreciated that you may not have maintained detailed records when you first watched soccer, but the Club does provide a statistical service to assist in tracing any missing details.

Once you have enrolled for Membership, you will have to resign your Membership in writing to leave the Club. With annual promotion/relegation issues affecting the lowest division, there will be two new grounds to visit each season. It is hoped that existing Members will visit these grounds in accordance with the spirit of the Club. However, the Club has yet to expel an existing Member for not visiting a new ground. Once you have completed your "grand tour" and enrolled, visiting these new grounds is not compulsory.

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